tonight i’ve subjected myself to browsing videos/photos of killer whales as i wipe tears from my face and touch my fingers gently to the computer screen

so i tried to draw some

whales and dolphins have always been so damn hard for me to draw flings things across room

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    ZOOOOOK OMG OMG OMG!!!! Killer Whales are my fave animal and I got to spend my summer this year working at seaworld!! I...
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  6. kaceymeg said: Your art is perfect god damn it Zook so perfect
  7. jacobin said: omg aquatic mammals are so hard to draw but you REALLY NAILED IT IMO you got the shapes perfect?? and these are really expressive at the same time ;__;
  8. nightingales said: WHALES AND DOLPHINS SERIOUSLY ARE SO BIZARRE i find them so difficult to draw too! i think you did a fantastic job though okay you’re amazing wahh
  9. floralplasm said: dang these r tha cutest awuu
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